My Last Stop in the US – Jensen Beach, FL


On July 4, 2013 I headed south from Atlanta to Jensen Beach, FL, where my other two children, Bridgette and Kaelen live. Bridgette is a student and Kaelen works with his dad at the nearby nuclear power plant. I spent two weeks here right before leaving for Argentina on July 17. It’s a beautiful place to live if you love the tropical climate, as I do. What a relief to have the CELTA class behind me, and to be able to enjoy a short respite before leaving the country for possibly a year! Although I was still job-hunting daily via the internet, I was also able to spend time with my kids, which I don’t get to do much now that they’re grown.

David               Kiss

Bridgette and I went shopping, ate at some favorite restaurants, hung out at the pool, and enjoyed lots of mom/daughter time. Kaelen was busy working, but took a little time on weekends to hang out with us. I also had the opportunity to visit with my kids’ dad, David. He has the great fortune to live on a beautiful island, and can see water from both sides of his condo. What a spectacular view! Each afternoon there was a little thunderstorm. The locals know when to hit the beach to avoid the storms. They never lasted very long, but I enjoyed hearing the rumble of thunder, whether it was during the day or at night.

Storm               Rain

Ah how I love and miss the Florida lifestyle! Just a laid back beachy attitude, where flip flops are a wardrobe staple. Today is my birthday, and I am lucky enough to spend it with my children, and my wonderful daughter Bridgette baked me a yummy caramel cake!

Sign      CookingTime to leave already. And the only job offer I got was for Saudi Arabia. The money is good, but not worth the risk to my life! Tomorrow is my flight to South America. Maybe I’ll find work there… Argentina, here I come! Next post: Desde Buenos Aires 🙂

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6 Responses to My Last Stop in the US – Jensen Beach, FL

  1. I’m so glad you got to visit with the fam before you leave! I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to hear more from Argentina! Love you and be safe!!

    xoxo Megan

  2. dawna905 says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday to my BFF!!! Who would’ve thought two misfit 10-year-olds both moving to smallville Arkansas, both from Houston, TX, would still be sharing in each others lives & weathering storms together! We banned together in the 5th grade for “safety” & companionship & become friends for life. And the adventure goes on…

  3. mamitasarah says:

    Gina, I’m so glad you got to spend time with your kiddos before leaving on your great adventure. ¡Tienes un espíritu aventurero y te deseo lo mejor en esta aventura! Oh! And keep writing…I’m living through you. 🙂

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