Settling in…

I have avoided writing this post like the plague. I’m not really sure why, because I have such good news to tell. Maybe I’m afraid of the bad luck I had right before the last post… Whatever the reason, I have put it off for long enough. Time to move on!

IMG_1583             Evita

Well, after losing all my money in the Atlanta airport, I was pretty afraid to go out around town, especially by myself. I had been sufficiently warned about pick-pockets in Buenos Aires (ironic, right?) So I did go out a few times with my friend and host Savanah. The architecture here is beautiful and very European. We went to a couple of milongas the first few nights we were here (those are tango dance socials). They were fun, but after the first few days, I kept very busy going to interviews and learning my way around town. It’s not like in Little Rock where I just jump in my car and drive where I need to go or use the GPS to get to places I’m not familiar with. No, here I have to walk several blocks to the subway, then ride it for 30 minutes or so, then walk the rest of the way to wherever I’m going. No quick way to get around in a city this size, even if I did have a car. Oh but I would never attempt driving here! It’s a bit like the driving I saw in Rome. No thank you!

The most amazing part of my stay so far though, has been the unbelievable outpouring of love, encouragement and money from my Little Rock and Facebook friends! I cannot believe the amount of money that was wired, deposited and otherwise sent to me by family, dear friends and even mere acquaintances! Money literally started pouring into my checking account in Little Rock, and I thought “Well, maybe I won’t have to beg for a place to stay for free after all, or go back home a failure…” My bop club in Little Rock took up a collection for me and raised $400! I couldn’t believe it. In the end, I recovered all what I had lost in the airport! Lesson learned: even though there are people looking to rip you off, by far there are more good-hearted, generous folks that truly care about people and are willing to sacrifice to help a friend in need. I was so humbled by this experience, and it has permanently changed me. I am so indebted to these people and I could never repay their kindness, but “Y’all, I LOVE YOU, man!” The most profound change I have made is giving a few pesos to the beggars in the subways. I would have never done that before, but, although I don’t actually know what it’s like to be that poor, I can certainly identify with being in a helpless position and depending on the kindness of others. So now I happily toss them a peso or two and wow – it feels good to help someone who needs it! I was shamelessly much more selfish before this experience.

Ah… yes it felt good to write this post. The weight that was lifted from my shoulders in the past week was huge. Instead of waking up in the morning thinking, “I’m in a foreign country without a dime,” I can say to myself, “I’m going to be okay because I have the best friends ever!” ❤ ❤ ❤

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10 Responses to Settling in…

  1. Gail Bennett Rolle says:

    So glad to hear that things are looking up for you, Gina. The generosity of friends and family can be so humbling and overwhelming. Enjoy the love. I continue to wish you luck.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Nancy Roy says:

    I have been waiting anxiously to hear from you. You sound upbeat, happy and like the old Gina, ready for the adventure to get underway. I think of you daily and wish you all the luck and love that I have.
    Mama Morton

  3. mamitasarah says:

    ¡Hola Gina! I was so glad to read this post and see how the experience has brought you a positive perspective. But then again, you were quite a positive person before. I remember you leading me in a dance at Let’s Dance one night because there weren’t enough men. 😉 People with good perspectives on life know how to take a situation and turn it around for good. That’s you Mija! ¡Sigue pa’ lante! ~Sarah 🙂

  4. That’s so great! I always love helping out others too. I strongly believe that we ALWAYS have enough to give to someone else. I might not be living a lavish lifestyle, but I always have a roof over my head and food to eat, which is something some people couldn’t even imagine having. Yes, I sometimes struggle to pay my bills, but those bills are a luxury. I’m glad to see that you are changing for the better on your big adventure! Love you 🙂

  5. Thanks sweetheart. Yes, I remember when you were in about 5th grade and you were already a little diva, but you came home from school talking about a boy that had been mainstreamed from the Special Ed class, who had some kind of disability (I don’t remember what), but you shared with me that you talked to him everyday, because everybody else ignored him. I was so proud of you for that! Yes, and seeing the homeless people in Atlanta and here also does make me appreciate what I have! We are both very lucky people. Glad to see such a level head on such a young woman! Love you tons and miss you more! ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. gloria bindner says:

    Glad you found a place to rent. But you having to walk 4 miles a day is just too much. And it being cold, is even worse since you are so cold natured. Sounds like work is pretty tuff also. Maybe you should think about coming back home where all your friends are. Hope things get a little easier for you. I know you don’t like to complain, but it sounds hard with those buses and subways. Send all your friends that whatsapp invitation so we can all text you. Send us some more pictures!

    • Yes, it’s hard, Gloria. But I’m hoping it will be a little nicer when the weather warms up. I do hate the cold, and my new surroundings are taking some getting used to. I’m hoping to have time to start tango classes soon. I’m working on my new post now. Will include pics! Love ya 🙂

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